The iconic V formation was planted for Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887 on the Sussex South Downs.


The history of the v

The 'V' sits in an escarpment within the South Downs National Park and is one of the most loved landmarks on the South Downs.  

The original planting idea belonged to John Packham who farmed the land around the V, land owned by Mr H.C. Lane Esq. of Westmeston.

Scotch pine, spruce, beech, sycamore and lime were among the species of trees planted.  The outside measurement of each arm is 165 yards in length.  The width of each arm is 22 yards – 'that time-honoured distance, the twentieth of a quarter of a mile, the length of a cricket pitch'. 

Prior to WWII the V and surrounding land belonged to Sir Stephen Demetriadi, and when his youngest son was killed in action in 1940 he donated Ditchling Beacon to the National Trust in his memory.

Today the V is in the ownership of Tessa Haughton and her family.  Tessa is the granddaughter of Sir Stephen.