The V Light Project is offering limited sponsorship opportunities to both individuals and organisations to be integrally involved and associated with this unique project, from illuminating the V to providing the tools for the educational programmes running alongside.

And as part of the celebration of the V and the short lifespan of its illumination, there will be a range of hospitality packages at the base of the V.

The scale, ambition and striking nature of the illumination will generate national and international media interest. This will offer global marketing and PR opportunities for those involved.

Three categories of sponsorship are available. Please enquire to find out more.

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The V Light Project is supporting is the Air Ambulance Trust and there will be fundraising opportunities for this charity.

For us the V represents a part of Sussex’s history, but also our county’s environmental and rural future. We want our children to be aware of the past and present of the South Downs, and to safeguard their future. We are proud to grow our wine on the same beautiful chalk downs that have nurtured the fabulous trees within the V for the past 130 years.
— Jim Nolan, owner of Black Dog Hill Vineyard